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Buying Valium


Valium By Mail Order - Valium To Buy

Sorry for the inconvenience - The content is not available for now, please try again later. If you are eager for more information, you can directly call us on Online Valium Review or send your Valium To Buy Uk.

Hotel Capacity Chart

Theatre Style:


Private Dinner:






Venue Capacity Chart

Room Ballroom Nelson
Theatre 200 40
U Shape 60 24
Hollow Square 60 28
Classroom 100 24
Boardroom 60 24
Dinner/Lunch 160 30
Dinner Dance 140
Cabaret 100
Banquet 100
Reception 250 50
Cocktail 180 50

Face Sheet

Large Function Room with natural daylight

Holds up to 100 delegates

Located at front of building with Seaview

Free Wi-Fi

Day Delegate Rate

Working Lunch Menu

Free Car Park

Equipment Hire


We’d love to hear from you

There are a few ways that you can get in touch with us.
Either give us a call on Buy Valium Au, drop us an Valium By Mail Order on or you can even send us a letter! Alternatively, you could fill out the Buy Valium In Australia Online below and send it across.

Contact us

We’d love to hear from you

Find us

Great Hallingbury Manor Hotel

Tilekiln Green
Great Hallingbury
Bishops Stortford
CM22 7TJ




Great Hallingbury Manor offers complimentary parking to its guests. Please register your vehicle number plate at reception on the tablet to prevent any parking fines. The parking system is operated via a third party management system therefore any parking charges or fines must be dealt directly with them.


Our latest special offers

To see what offers we have in store at the moment… Best Valium Online

Send us your message with the contact form

Kindly contact me at

PhoneEmailI consent to having this website store my submitted information so they can respond to my enquiry.


By air or road, we open our doors in many convenient ways

The Great Hallingbury Manor Hotel is a 4 star Tudor style Manor, located on the outskirts of Bishops Stortford, a market town close to Stansted Airport.

Room Reservations

Tel: Buy Valium Au

E-mail: Buying Valium Online Legal

Events and Functions

Tel: Buy Valium Au

E-mail: Genuine Valium Online Uk

Lakeside Restaurant

Tel: Buy Valium Au

E-mail: Buying Valium Online Legal

Registered Office

Surya Hotels
Great Hallingbury
Bishops Stortford
CM22 7TJ

Registered Number:

VAT Number:

Local Temperature

Valium By Mail Order - Valium To Buy

Local Time


Newsletter sign up