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Best Valium Online - Order Cheap Valium Online

Sorry for the inconvenience - The content is not available for now, please try again later. If you are eager for more information, you can directly call us on Online Valium Review or send your Valium To Buy Uk.

Hotel Capacity Chart

Theatre Style:


Private Dinner:






Venue Capacity Chart

Room Ballroom Nelson
Theatre 200 40
U Shape 60 24
Hollow Square 60 28
Classroom 100 24
Boardroom 60 24
Dinner/Lunch 160 30
Dinner Dance 140
Cabaret 100
Banquet 100
Reception 250 50
Cocktail 180 50

Face Sheet

Large Function Room with natural daylight

Holds up to 100 delegates

Located at front of building with Seaview

Free Wi-Fi

Day Delegate Rate

Working Lunch Menu

Free Car Park

Equipment Hire


Superior Family Room (Main Hotel)

Triple or quad rooms with a stylish & luxurious contemporary décor, located in the main building of the hotel. These rooms are exceptionally spacious and have two double beds or a double bed with an additional single bed. All rooms have large en-suite bathrooms with shower and complimentary toiletries. The majority of our family rooms enjoy striking views over the gardens or lake. Special room rates, including Full English and Continental Breakfast, are available. Breakfast is served in the dining room or guest rooms upon request. All guests can enjoy free onsite parking.


More time to enjoy yourself

We want to make sure that your stay at the Great Hallingbury Manor hotel is unforgettable – and that time spent with us is time just for you. We offer a wide range of services to make your stay with us as relaxing as possible.

  • Hairdryer

  • Iron and Board Available on Request

  • Complimentary Toiletries

  • Complimentary Tea and Coffee

  • In Room Refreshment Tray (To Purchase)

  • Shower

  • Flat Screen TV

  • Free Parking for Duration of Stay

  • Lakeside Restaurant

  • Garden Bar

  • Lounge Area

  • Meeting Rooms

  • Coffee Machine (Stable Block)

Book direct for best rates guarantee

Special Offers


At Great Hallingbury Manor, You’re in the Spotlight!

Just back from The Great Hallingbury Manor Hotel? Share pictures of your favourite moments here – in the hotel, at Great Hallingbury with #greathallingburymanorexperience and stand a chance to win special gift hampers. You can even send us a chosen few, and they could be featured on our website (with due credits to you, of course).

Buy Zepose Valium

Local Temperature

Best Valium Online - Order Cheap Valium Online

Local Time


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