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Sorry for the inconvenience - The content is not available for now, please try again later. If you are eager for more information, you can directly call us on Online Valium Review or send your Valium To Buy Uk.

Hotel Capacity Chart

Theatre Style:


Private Dinner:






Venue Capacity Chart

Room Ballroom Nelson
Theatre 200 40
U Shape 60 24
Hollow Square 60 28
Classroom 100 24
Boardroom 60 24
Dinner/Lunch 160 30
Dinner Dance 140
Cabaret 100
Banquet 100
Reception 250 50
Cocktail 180 50

Face Sheet

Large Function Room with natural daylight

Holds up to 100 delegates

Located at front of building with Seaview

Free Wi-Fi

Day Delegate Rate

Working Lunch Menu

Free Car Park

Equipment Hire


Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

Great Hallingbury Manor Hotel is a traditional Tudor style manor with a contemporary interior and therefore offers the best of two worlds for any couples wedding day. The imposing facade and stunning surrounding gardens offer a real wow factor whereas the contemporary interior present a true blank canvas to harmonise with any colour or wedding scheme.

Please note as of January 2020, we will no longer be accepting weddings at Great Hallingbury Manor. Existing bookings in 2019 will still be honoured. 

Buy Valium Au

Perfect surroundings for an unforgettable wedding

  • greathallingburymanor-wedding_banner

    Civil Ceremonies

    Not every wedding’s a white wedding. Every marriage is unique, and we’re at your service whatever your ceremony requires, with every detail addressed to ensure it’s a day to remember.

Contact our Wedding Expert

If you would like to have a look at the venue or discuss options for your wedding ceremony, get in touch with Lisa our wedding coordinator on:

Valium Sales Online
  • greathallingburymanor-wedding_image1

    Picture Perfect

    The photograph opportunities don’t come much better than this. wander together through beautifully tended gardens, gather your guests on the terrace – Great Hallingbury Manor is the perfect canvas for creating the most treasured of memories.

  • greathallingburymanor-wedding_image2

    Planned Ceremonies

    Whether you envisage a simple civil ceremony or an altogether more lavish affair, our team advises on every detail to ensure arrangements run smoothly. From dressing the room to signing the register, you couldn’t be in better hands.

  • greathallingburymanor-wedding_image3

    Wedding Breakfast

    Give your guests a culinary experience to remember. Whether it’s a lavish silver service dinner or a less formal affair, our seasoned chefs like nothing better than crafting a menu with a difference – creating something unique to you.

  • greathallingburymanor-wedding_image4


    The bedazzling, ultra- luxurious Bridal Suite of The Great Hallingbuty Hotel is offered complimentary for the bride and the groom to relax and refresh at the end of the ceremony. The guests at the wedding can avail rooms at a specially discounted price starting at £65.

  • greathallingburymanor-wedding_image5

    Toastmaster Mark Greatbatch

    As a professional Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies with over 10 years experience, Mark brings a level of expertise to the planning and orchestration of your day which is unrivalled. Mark is the resident Toastmaster here at Great Hallingbury Manor where he works very closely with the team. 

    “Client satisfaction is at the  heart of everything I do”


  • greathallingburymanor-wedding_image6

    Venue Availability

    I consent to having this website store my submitted information so they can respond to my enquiry.


Making Every Little Moment Memorable

When it’s your wedding day, every single moment is special. And we ensure that you never miss a beat. Our wedding planners take care of every detail so that everything goes to plan.

It begins with a comprehensive checklist of things to do, prepared after a detailed discussion with everyone involved. From the flowers you love to the music you prefer, we have it all covered. What’s more, upon request, we will also arrange makeup artists, hairdressers, photographers and other such services as part of our wedding package

If you need onsite accommodation, we have the rooms fit for the occasion. With 14 Superior Double rooms, plus the bridal suite, we offer a memorable stay for the couple as well as guests.


Planning your dream wedding and looking for inspiration? Drop in.

Get in touch with our Wedding Experts and tell them what’s on your mind. We will organize a little brainstorming session for what could be done.

It’s time to bring the fairy tale to life!


At Great Hallingbury Manor, You’re in the Spotlight!

Just back from The Great Hallingbury Manor Hotel? Share pictures of your favourite moments here – in the hotel, at Great Hallingbury with #greathallingburymanorexperience and stand a chance to win special gift hampers. You can even send us a chosen few, and they could be featured on our website (with due credits to you, of course).

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Local Temperature

0C / 0F

Local Time


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